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I’m a 1995 born girl who is currently working as a software developer 💻. I started this blog when I was in college for passing time. I’m not a writer and this place is just to jot down my thoughts. I get emotional pretty easily and may be that’s because of my zodiac sign – Cancer ♋

I love reading, mostly crime thriller, but really love exploring more genres. But somehow I am staying away from fantasy and Sci-Fi. The next thing I equally love is coffee. That is the only thing I cannot control… I’m addicted to coffee and that I am dreamer… I do have one more addiction and that is the Taylor Swift. I was a very late Swiftie but better late than never… The very first Taylor Swift song I listened was “Love Story” but the one I’m still obsessed is “Back to December” even though I love all her songs… 

Somehow I am obsessed with “Venus” ever since I learned mythology and there is no specific reason. So when I though of starting a blog I kept Venus ♀️ as my username and that’s just the reason behind the name “thoughtsofvenus”. I don’t have any particular niche in here, I just go on about random things… So feel free to join me in my blabbering.

📧 me @ bookishvenus@gmail.com

Let’s connect there as well and talk about random stuff

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